Insider 5/18/2010 -

Rob Hawkins mentioned in his most recent blog that nothing motivates a person to get painting more than an upcoming event.  He is right on the money there.  Sure, I have been steadily picking away at getting my 28th Assault Battalion up and ready, but in the past couple of weeks, I entered turbo drive mode to get my force ready for the Privateer Press Invitational.  Nothing enhances the play experience like fighting with and against a fully painted army.

The central figure for this force is none other than Khador’s newest warcaster, Kommander Oleg Strakhov.   He is a vicious warcaster who fits my play style; plus, I am obsessed with Assault Kommandos and anything associated with them.  Getting Strakhov painted up with a solid core of Assault Kommandos was my #1 priority for my Invitational goals.  Tack on a couple of the Assault Kommando Flame Throwers and we are off to a great start!

My army needed a nasty left hook, so I looked no further than the Man-o-War Demolition Corps.  Thankfully, I already had a full unit painted in my old style, so it was only a matter of touchup and making sure the color schemes matched the rest of my list.  Mostly, this consisted of inking the bronze portions, deepening the reds, and getting the drab grey-green just right.  I might go back later and add more glowy effects to the ice mauls.

You’ve already seen my Beast-09 (Strakhov’s got him on loaner from Sorscha), and to round out my heavy support, a Spriggan and the new Decimator chassis were added.  The Decimator was painted up from scratch, but the Spriggan received a similar treatment as the Demo Corps in terms of touchups.  Think a combined 36 tons of warjacks will wreck a little face?  Yeah, I thought so.