Insider 5/11/2010 - Staff XGL

Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last Privateer Staff XGL update, and in no time, NQ 30 will be on shelves with the dramatic conclusion of the league as well as the team builds for the two teams that battled their way to the XGL Championship finals. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that everyone who took part in this multi-week league had an absolute blast with plenty of rivalries, old and new, just waiting for the next opportunity to be settled in the Grind Arena.

The second half of our XGL proved to be just as destructive and iron-wrenching as the first half. The Nyshyr Nihilators continued to dominate the standings while several teams, including the Brunder Bashers, Blackwater Brusiers, and Hells Hook Hostiles, struggled to find their winning rhythm. The Immorese Inferno, who had struggled to do anything significant during the early season, were able to head into the quarter finals of the XGL Championships on a hot streak, having won 3 of their 5 late season games.

Despite each team’s successes or failures throughout the regular season, each coach knew that once the XGL Championship was officially underway, the only thing that would matter was which team was able to crush its way to the top!

Til next time!