Insider 5/10/2010 - Rob Hawkins

With the Privateer Press invitational event coming up next weekend, I thought it would be a good time to get my Protectorate forces in shape. I always get more painting done before events and tournaments. The looming deadline of the event serves as an excellent motivator to finish the odd model or start painting that unit I keep putting off.

I’m planning a 50-point Knights Exemplar list, with Kreoss as my warcaster. I’ve been collecting my Protectorate of Menoth army for years, so I’ve got a lot of models to draw on for my force. One of the models I don’t have finished for my collection is the Fire of Salvation character warjack. I began a conversion of this model a few months back, and then put it aside in favor of some Khador models. The Fire of Salvation would be the perfect addition to my Exemplar force, so I’ll take this opportunity to finish it off.

When I began, the main focus of the conversion was replacing the Fire of Salvation’s hull & doors with the hull plate from the Guardian. I thought this would more closely resemble my classic Crusaders, while retaining the feel of the new Crusader chassis. In addition, I decided to use the bulkier head of a Crusader and the back banners from the Seneschal. I will also replace the Fire of Salvation’s hips with the hips from the new plastic kit to give him a little more girth and height.

After hours of sawing, I was able to separate the Guardian’s hull from its shoulders and replace the Fire of Salvation’s hull. In these shots, you can see the basic assembly, and the putty work I’ve done to get the Crusader head to resemble the Fire of Salvation’s head.

In my next blog I'll show how the whole project came together!