Insider 5/06/2010 - Jason Soles

This is an open letter to Press Gangers, tournament and league judges, and event organizers of all stripes:

I hereby empower you to be wrong.

That is with one caveat: When adjudicating your events, please be fair, endeavor to use your best judgment, be consistent, and make sure your players have fun. Rely on your own common sense and knowledge of the rules. Be armed with the current rules and the official errata, but do not be a slave to the forums. No one should be checking the most recent answer to a rules question online during play, and certainly no one should use that answer to contradict an organizer during an event.

It is more important to keep your events moving than to be 100% correct about every call. Check the rules if you feel you need to, but try and be quick when making rulings. You are not there to debate the finer points of the rules or to second-guess the intentions of Privateer Press developers ­– you are there to run your event. Discuss your calls after the event, not during. If you then find your mind has changed on a given point, rule it differently during your next event.

Once you make a call, stick to it for the rest of the event. Your players need consistency in the rules to avoid confusion.

If you know of any hot-button rules questions not covered in the current E&C, and you know how you intend to rule it, tell your players before the start of the event. That can head off any questions before they stop play.

Before your event, it may be well worth your time to refresh yourself on the rules and look over the E&C. While it is unlikely you will recall every rule, at least you will be able to reference the rules in times of need with a quickness.

If you strive to be fair, consistent, and quick in your rules decisions, your events should stay on course, even if you are uncertain of every answer every time.


Jason Soles