Insider 5/05/2010 - DC

Today, I’d like to give a bit of information on the Iron Arena aspect of the Privateer Press presence at Gen Con. I figured a good place to start would be a look back before we look forward.

Last Gen Con, I spent most of my time in the Monsterpocalypse hall running tournaments as well as our All You Can Eat event. This format is based around a ticket system much like those found at amusement parks, carnivals, or boardwalks. During the course of their games, players earn tickets that can be redeemed for various prizes: the greater the quantity of tickets, the greater the prize.

All You Can Eat was a popular event at the local level, so we brought it to the bigger stage at Gen Con. It was great to see people frantically playing one more game of Monsterpocalypse to get that final ticket for a figure they needed to complete their collection or a shiny new mega form.

I also had the opportunity to see this sort of format in action at TempleCon this year during their Eternal War event. This event gave tickets for various Monsterpocalypse achievements, but also had separate tickets for WARMACHINE and HORDES achievements throughout the weekend. There was a lot of excitement behind the event, and it proved a huge success. In addition to the broader nature of Eternal War, the event also rewarded players for getting in games with folks from outside their own local region.

Iron Arena is the next stage in the evolution of this format.

Iron Arena offers a single type of ticket for playing WARMACHINE, HORDES, or Monsterpocalypse, and even Voltron, Scrappers, or Grind. The prizes, too, will be drawn from a broad range of Privateer Press products, including mega forms and extreme sculpts, but also signed art prints and Privateer Press convention swag.

Beyond incorporating all of the Privateer Press brands under one roof, Iron Arena will also feature special challenges that allow players to earn even more tickets. Stay tuned to the Twitter feed and Privateer Insider for additional Iron Arena opportunities or to learn where to take part in Iron Arena staff challenges.

With the new Iron Arena feature, Gen Con will be just like I’m back at Point Pleasant boardwalk playing some games and racking up tickets with my friends.