Insider 5/04/2010 - Sean Bullough

Some time ago, when I was a kid, my parents thought it would be a good idea to give me a bag of lead as a Christmas present. Fortunately for me, it was in the form of medieval knights; otherwise, I’d probably be an accountant today. Thank you, Mom and Dad.

Later, my interests turned toward model kits; they were bigger and had more detail. I was drawn to tanks and aircraft, mostly. I was always cutting them up or making them from scratch using plastic card and found objects. Many years and four states later, I find myself in Seattle doing pretty much the same thing I’ve always done: building models and loving it.

Besides making new plastic warjack weapons, Skorne artillery, and other yet-to-be seen models, I also make the resin castings we use for Monsterpocalypse and the new plastic releases.

What am I working on now? Making rope—or trying to make it look better, I should say. Most of my sculpting experience has been mechanical or straight-line, which almost always means the models are larger. The models I am working on now are smaller, which means thinner rope than I’m used to, so I’ve been trying different methods of making it. I might do a short tutorial about that for the next blog.

I’m making the move toward digital sculpting, since most mechanical work is done that way now, but it is difficult. Sculpting in a computer program is very different than sculpting “IRL.” You have to change the way you think because you’re not using physical materials. So if there are any would-be sculptors out there who love to make tanks, fighters, or mecha, I would start by learning how to use 3D or CAD software. That’s where the future lies.