Insider 5-9-2017

Why is that so familiar?
Goreshade, man!
That doesn’t make sense—why would Goreshade change his name and play for Retribution of Scyrah?

When I heard Goreshade was returning to Ios and joining the Retribution of Scyrah, I was beyond excited. I immediately started pestering Art Director Mike Vaillancourt and Studio Director Ron Kruzie for the art. Naturally, I wanted this sculpt assigned to me—I’d worked regularly on Retribution models as well as a handful of Cryx over the last few years. This was going to be a big deal and I wanted to be part of it!

My first look at the concept by artist Johan Grenier was exciting. I could see this legendary warrior overlooking the field of battle. His pose was commanding and poised yet withered (though not quite as withered as his Cryx version).

My job was to bring Ghyrrshyld to life (sorry, Scyrah, but we each have our place in this story), and I really wanted him to have the feel of being there to dominate the battlefield. His pose was going to be about presence, not action, and this needed to be conveyed in the sculpt. I also wanted him to match the feel of the art in that, despite his return, he had a worn look.

The rest of the sculpt would have a classic feel: his cloak flapping and, of course, Nyssor's sword in hand.

I hope the Retribution of Scyrah players are as excited about Ghyrrshyld and his return as I am, and I hope the Cryx players are not too disappointed about losing him. (Did I mention I am working on new Cryx stuff?) Working on such an iconic figure of the Iron Kingdoms was really a privilege. It’s a poorly kept secret that I favor Retribution as my WARMACHINE Faction, so you can imagine how that passion has made it even tougher to not talk about this project, especially as I’m active with the Retribution players on social media.

But finally I can say it: enjoy Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven.