Insider 5-11-2017

The final season of “Crossroads of Courage” is upon us! As we speak, the prize kits are on their way to stores all across the globe, and the newest version of Holden (aka Holden the Grim) is already updated in War Room.

If you haven’t been following along, “Crossroads of Courage” has been our yearlong narrative league that began back in the fall of 2016 and will culminate at Lock & Load GameFest 2017. Each season has followed the adventures (tragedies?) of a new character named Holden. Players participating in the leagues have been encouraged to email their experiences using Holden on the tabletop, such as in battle reports or short fiction, in order to shape how Holden has grown each season.

Now we’re in the final season, and while everyone is still encouraged to email me ( with their experiences just as before, this time the effect is going to be a bit different. In addition to influencing the next (and final) iteration of Holden, player reports are going to have an effect on the awesome mega-battle taking place at Lock & Load to determine Holden’s final fate.

After the narrative super-battle on Friday at Lock & Load, the process of making Holden into a real model for WARMACHINE & HORDES will begin. In fact, the day after, Matt Wilson, Doug Seacat, and others will be hosting a special event where they create the concept art for Holden (based on the narrative event’s outcome) live!

Until then, if you want to participate in the ongoing epic tale that has been “Crossroads of Courage,” check with your local retailer, and ask if they’re running the league! You can find all the rules you need to participate in the league here: