Insider 4/5/2010 - DC

A signature that I've seen now and then around the forums is the statement "The goal is to win, the point is to have fun." Though we may occasionally run into a bit of forum drama or heated debates about some model or rule, it's important to never lose sight of the point of it all - fun. At the end of the day, a great game of WARMACHINE or HORDES is not one where you mercilessly beat someone into the ground but one in which both players had a blast playing.

And so I'd like to share a little story from AdeptiCon that made me think about that element of fun...

Richard and Kirby were playing their mixed Legion / Cryx army against Greg and Jason in the team tournament. From what I saw when I walked up, things seemed to be going pretty well for them, but the battle had ground to a halt in a giant melee in the middle of the table. In order to get at the opposing Sorscha, Richard and Kirby hatched a clever plan - Kirby's Deathjack would double-hand throw Richard's Typhon over the scrum and right next to Sorscha. Typhon ran into position, and Deathjack successfully heaved the dragonspawn behind enemy lines. He drifted a little bit long but took minimal damage. It was highly unlikely that Sorscha would be able to defeat the 'beast single-handedly, and her troops were too embroiled in the battle to be much help.

Sorscha moved away from Typhon a bit during her turn, but spent most of her resources trying to assist her troops. Things looked pretty grim for the icy warcaster.

As their next turn began, Richard and Kirby surveyed the battlefield with an evil gleam in their eyes as Richard measured out Thagrosh the Messiah's control range. Uh oh, half an inch short. This still shouldn't be a problem, however, as a slam or Scourge would allow Typhon's three sprays to finish off Sorscha. The only hurdle now was the Threshold check for that one point of fury from running. The dice were unkind, however, and Richard rolled 11, forcing the frenzying Typhon to merely limp back towards the battle rather than ensure victory.

The shock and amusement around the table was palpable. "I activate the Bane Thralls," Kirby called out as the laughter abated, "and they charge Typhon." I could just hear Lich Lord James Earl Jones ominously stating, "You have failed me for the last time," as he ended the temporary truce with Ethrunbal's minions and sent the Bane Thralls forward in a swirl of clinging shadows and flashing blades.

Was it the most tactical move of the day? Nah. Did it win the championship? Of course not. But was it fun? Hell, yeah.

Until next time, HAVE FUN,