Insider 4/28/2010 - Ron Kruzie

Over last couple of months I have made some discoveries and learned some new tricks of the trade when it comes to the building and painting of minis. I’m going to pass on some of these new ideas so you can have them in your bag of tricks.

The first is using the Formula P3 Mixing Medium as a glue for the static/modeling grass and sand. I tried it out, and I have to say I like it much better than using glue. It works just as well, and it saves you from having to keep yet another item on your painting table. We work in a very tight area, and the space within arm’s reach is quickly taken up with our paints, tools, and pots of water. Any time an item can be used for multiple tasks is good in my book. Plus the mixing medium is the correct consistency right out of the bottle, so there’s no need to thin . . . and let’s be honest: practical laziness—not necessity—is the mother of invention! ;)

The second trick I’ve recently discovered is for removing a paint goof caused by accidentally poking or slapping a paint-covered brush on an area that has already been painted. This happens from time to time—you know, “Oh crap, I just painted that area!”—and is never fun. To fix it, first take an old brush and cut the hair short, down to just a few millimeters. Use this stiff-bristled brush and some spit to scrub off that “Oops!” painting mistake. As long as the original painted area has had a little time to cure, the fresh paint will come off without ruining your previous work. I’ve already used this a few times with great success.

One last little bit of advice: if you’re airbrushing with Formula P3 paints, thin them down with a mix of 50/50 water and window cleaner (like Windex). This makes the paints a lot smoother, and it helps them dry much faster as well. After using this technique on a few hundred MonPoc paint masters, I can tell you that it works!

There you go. Enjoy your time painting.