Insider 4/23/2010 - Dave Dauterive

Greetings, comrades! My name is Dave Dauterive (doe-treeve), and I have the slick position of Retail Support and Development. What is great about this position is I get to bring my passion for our product to your retail storeowners. I’ve been a fan of Privateer Press products ever since my buddy Rob first showed me the Khador Battlebox about eight years ago. Needless to say, I’ve been a “red” ever since.

Khador has always been my favorite faction. I have always been captivated by Russian culture, history, and folklore. The fact that Khador combines these elements with giant steam powered suits of armor, murderous berserkers chained to demonic blades, and a particular one eyed sniping queen had me sold from the get go.

Since then, my Khador collection has steadily expanded to near insane levels with every new release. Never once have I been anywhere close to fully painted, but since starting at Privateer Press over a year and a half ago, I decided to start working my way to that point. Now I have greatly improved my painting skills from when I first started, meaning some models now need a total overhaul—woohoo!

Thus, work begins in earnest on my Khadoran collection from the 28th Assault Battalion.  The first block I plan to work on will be based around Assault Kommandos, Widowmakers, and a bit of the heavy armor. As work progresses, I’ll be sharing more and more snapshots of my collection and explaining some of the techniques I used. I hope you’ll enjoy seeing them as much as I did painting them.

Now for a taste of the Empress’  finest and most loyal sons!

Dave's Khador Army