Insider 4/20/2010 - Kris Aubin

Hi, this is Kris Aubin of the Privateer Press design studio. We have
been very busy here in the studio over the last year preparing for,
and producing all the exciting new books, card and packaging for our
huge Mk II release.

To celebrate the announcement of the Hordes Mk II book release we
though it would be great to not only present a preview of the entire
cover art of the rulebook, but also a step by step series of how our
talented artist, Andrea Uderzo, produces the art. Andrea is a
wonderfully talented artist who understands the Iron Kingdoms world
and just how dangerous and intense it needs to look. Andrea is able to
include an amazing amount of detail into even the smallest of elements
in the piece; characters that are tiny in the background appear to be
as lovingly rendered as the Warbeasts that dominate the cover. The
overall insanity of this piece of art really conveys the brutal nature
of the Hordes game, and Iron Kingoms races.

Step 1 – Rough composition – Here Andrea has taken all the character
from the given directions and fit them roughly into a composition.

Step 2 – Final line progression – Once the rough is approved, he
starts rendering out the characters in detail.

Step 3 – Final line drawing – At this stage we review the final line
to make sure the composition is working, and that all the details are
accurate to the character concepts

Step 4 – Black and white tonal study – Andrea works through the piece
in black and white to establish tone and lighting. Often making sure
the foregrounds elements are sharp with contrast, while the background
characters are slightly duller to show depth.

Step 5 – Color treatment – The final color treatment is applied to the
black and white tonal study.

Step 6 – Final details - Final details, highlights, and effects are
applied to the piece.

Note: We have even managed to keep the “flying praetorian” from Matt
Wilsons original cover!