Insider 4/15/2010 - Staff XGL

The Privateer XGL season has officially passed its halfway point and one team has emerged as the team to beat. Having left all opposition a smoking ruin at the end of the mid-season XGL tournament, the Nyshyr Nihilators led by the diabolical Brent “Ghost” Waldher have maintained their undefeated record in the regular season. As you can probably guess, the Nihilators are the office’s top pick to make it into the finals and vie for the title of XGL Champion.

Having overcome the Hells Hook Hostiles in the prelims with a solid 3-0 game, the Nihilators met their league rivals, the Fisherbrook Finishers, once again in the semi-finals. In an exceedingly brutal game that saw both teams pounding their rivals to scrap, the Nihilators scored the only goal of the game in overtime when the Nihilators’ Crusher “The Kurgen” damaged the Finisher goalie’s interceptor arm, effectively leaving the goal wide open for the Nihilators’ final push.

On the other side of the ladder, the Immorese Inferno led by Ed “The Beast” Bourelle came in as the stark underdog, having won only a single game. Whether it was Ed’s motivational words during the game or his pre-game threat that another loss would see each offending steamjack smashed beneath his sludge hammer, the Inferno went on to defeat both the Brunder Bashers and the Dreggsmouth Demolishers. The Demolishers’ impressive late season drive pitted the league favorite against the league long shot for the mid-season championship.

While the Inferno were able to take an early lead against the Nihilators, Brent quickly rallied his team under “The Kurgen’s” brutal leadership and smashed the Ed's hopes of an uplifting “Miracle on Ice” ending by defeating the Inferno 2-1.

With the end of the mid-season tournament, all the coaches’ eyes are now focused on the road to the XGL championships. Each team has paid its dues in rent metal and spilled oil, and even the lowest ranked among them has proven that anything can happen in the brutal crucible that is the Destructodome!

‘Til next time!