Insider 4/13/2010 - Ed Bourelle

To the tune of The Beverly Hillbillies

Come and listen to a story about a man named Ed

A poor Press Ganger, barely kept his family fed,

Then one day he was designing organized play, 

And through the interweb came a job with pay. 

Work, that is. Project management. WARMACHINE.

Well, the next thing you know ol’ Ed’s a Privateer,

Kinfolk said, ”Ed, move away from here!”

Said "Washington has the plunder that’s the best,"

So he loaded up his stuff and he sailed for the Northwest.

Seattle, that is. Cloudy skies. Starbucks.

Well now it’s time go, Ed can hear the siren’s call.

And he would like to thank you kindly for playing in Nightfall.

You’re all invited back again, so c’mon and sing along,

It could be your last chance for a Privateer song.

Press, that is. Roll your sleeves up. Get to work.

Y’all come back now, me hearties!