Insider 4/01/2010 - The New HORDES Faction!

If there is one thing we here at Privateer Press pride ourselves on, it's listening to our audience. You guys and gals have been demanding a fifth full faction for our exciting fury-driven miniatures combat game HORDES, and we are gonna give it to you!

From the earliest stages of concept and design we have considered the carefully phrased requests of you, our audience, and the demand was clear:


The mighty unicorn is one of the most heralded and beloved creatures of mythology, and it is galloping from the wilds of western Immoren in a big way! Gathering in majestic herds in the darkest corners of the Thornwood, the forbidding Wyrmwall Mountains, and the Nightmare Empire of Cryx, the unicorns now band together in the culmination of a thousand-year vendetta. Following them as they stride forth to war are the enormous Ubercorns, primal creatures of vast power. All who stand before the unicorns' unstoppable rage will be crushed beneath their glowing hooves, leaving only a bloody wake of destruction in their path. Soon, the Uniherd be slick with the blood of their enemies, the rainbow hues of their lustrous manes turned to a monochrome red with gore.

And now, our first warlock preview: Rainbo, the Annihilator!

Only one thing gives joy to Rainbo, the Annihilator: the dealing out of violent death. Separated from her twin at birth, Rainbo was forced into a life of slavery and degradation by the enemies of the Uniherd. After escaping her captors, she mastered the secrets of her people's Orgoth allies. None can withstand the bloody slaughter that follows her with each prancing step as she wields her razor-sharp hooves and alchemically treated horn, Malevolax, with the wild abandon of her primal ancestors to pierce both flesh and metal with equal ease. Her natural affinity for the great Ubercorns that willingly do battle for the Uniherd allows her to dispense with the dewdrops they usually require in battle, urging them to ever-greater feats of slaughter. With Rainbo at their fore, the unicorns will mercilessly subjugate or destroy all who oppose them, bringing about the long-prophesied days of the Rainbow Dale.