Insider 4-4-2013

Spring is finally here! And with it comes an entirely new and long-awaited venture for Privateer Press.

It brings me great pleasure to announce the official launch of Skull Island eXpeditions, the new fiction imprint of Privateer Press. Beginning with novels and novellas based on WARMACHINE, HORDES, and notable Iron Kingdoms characters, Skull Island eXpeditions will explore the world of Caen through monthly releases of original stories by amazing authors such as Larry Correia, Dave Gross, and C.L. Werner.

Skull Island eXpeditions publications are currently available exclusively in digital formats, including ePub, Mobi, and PDF directly from the website and will be imminently available through Amazon.

Nearly a year in the making, Skull Island eXpeditions is the culmination of our long-time ambition to realize the Iron Kingdoms in fiction beyond the game books. For years, we’ve had countless requests for novels, and for just as many years, we’ve been working on ways to make that happen to our—and most importantly, your—satisfaction. Skull Island eXpeditions represents a new frontier for Privateer Press, one that continues our tradition of charting our own course. At last we can dig into all the nooks and crannies of the Iron Kingdoms, find out what makes warcasters tick, and get to know those students foolish enough to follow Professor Pendrake into the uncharted wilderness.

Our goal is to build a huge library of content. We’re launching today with not one but three novellas, each one featuring original cover art and at least three completely original interior illustrations.

Exiles in Arms, Volume 1: Moving Targets follows the exploits of Rutger Shaw and Taryn di la Rovissi, two of the Iron Kingdoms’ most infamous mercenaries.

The Dogs of War, Volume 1: The Devil’s Pay introduces us to the entire company of Devil Dogs mercenaries and sets the stage for the Convergence of Cyriss.

The Warlock Sagas, Volume 1: Instruments of War takes us back in time to witness how the great Makeda became the indomitable warrior and leader she is today.

As you can see, each of these titles is the beginning of a series. Both Exiles in Arms and The Dogs of War will continue the adventures of the characters introduced in these first volumes, giving you the chance to see even more of Taryn, Rutger, and the Devil Dogs in action. A lot of action!

The Warlock Sagas will instead focus on a new character in each volume, diving deeper into their backgrounds, origins, and personal adventures than we’ve ever done before. Makeda’s Instruments of War is the opening volley here, followed in June by The Warcaster Chronicles, Volume 1: The Way of Caine, with tales of the Butcher, Kromac, and others on the horizon. I can’t say we’ll cover every single warcaster and warlock in the setting, but you’ll see characters from every WARMACHINE and HORDES faction—so get your e-reader fired up and prepare yourself for all-new tales of battle, suspense, and steam-powered mayhem.

In addition to the illustrated novellas, we’ll be releasing several full-length novels each year. The first is the upcoming Dark Convergence novel, penned by Devil’s Pay author Dave Gross. After offering a glimpse of the Convergence in the first Dogs of War book, Mr. Gross will unleash the full fury of the Cyriss cultists and give us our first in-depth look at their mysterious agenda. After that, we’ve got Mr. Correia on the hook again with a novel that chronicles an unlikely assembly of Storm Knights and their first deployment during Lord Commander Stryker’s invasion of Sul.

And that’s just the beginning. We’ve wanted to see Iron Kingdoms fiction as long as anyone, and now that we’ve got the chance, we’re diving headlong into every story we’ve ever dreamed about.

So, why the “Skull Island eXpeditions” imprint and not just “Privateer Press” fiction? Part of the reason is that eventually the offerings from Skull Island eXeditions will move beyond the Iron Kingdoms. While we certainly hope to explore other Privateer Press worlds though games, we also want to build a new publishing label that gives both accomplished authors and new, upcoming talent opportunities to bring their original creations to a wide audience. With Skull Island eXpeditions, we can try things beyond where we’ll go on the tabletop. We want to experiment a little, take some risks, find new and interesting settings and new ways to explore them. We’re starting with what we know, but once we hit our stride, we can only imagine where the journey is going to take us.

I sat down to write a quick Insider announcing Skull Island eXpeditions, but in my excitement I’ve gotten a little carried away. Hopefully, that’s a good sign of things to come. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in all these new books for the better part of a year, and it gets more exciting with each new draft that hits my inbox. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could sink your teeth into even more WARMACHINE, HORDES, or Iron Kingdoms fiction, it’s your lucky day. Skull Island eXpeditions is here!