Insider 4-17-2017

The next Community Integrated Development cycle is about to begin—on Wednesday, April 19th, the Steamroller 2017 CID starts! If you want your chance to test, provide input, and help shape the upcoming season of tournament rules, then you need to sign up on the CID forums and get your testing pants on.

Together, we’re going to test our new scenarios (more scoring, no CP caps!), new objectives (more impactful, less rules!), new terrain guidelines (more terrain, less dense fog and burning earth randomly going out!), and much, much more. The SR 2017 CID will last approximately four weeks and will overlap with the upcoming battle engine CID starting at the end of this month.

When you first begin testing SR 2017, go to the “Models & Rules Reference” forum to find a link to the rules PDF as well as notes on several key concepts and design decisions for SR 2017. From there, find a friend, or even set up your own CID tournament, and then get testing.

Now, for those of you who are more narrative players than competitive players, you’ve also got something exciting coming up. The fourth and final season of Crossroads of Courage is coming in May! The rules will be available soon at:

With the results from the third season in place, we’ve got a pretty good idea what Holden is going to look like for the big finale event at Lock & Load 2017 that determines his final fate (and makes him into a real model for WARMACHINE & HORDES). In fact, any stories you submit (email them to me: during the fourth season may not affect Holden but might just end up shaping certain aspects of the finale event.

Speaking of which, that finale event is going to be amazing! Two eight-person teams, Invaders and Defenders, are going to battle on a sixteen-foot table featuring one of the largest and most impressive pieces of tabletop scenery we’ve ever created: The Battle of Boarsgate. It’s going to be so dope that we’re even going to stream the event during the first day of Lock & Load, (tickets on sale now)!

Don't miss the sealing of Holden's Fate at Lock & Load 2017! Catch it all on our Twitch channel here.