Insider 4-12-2017

Several months back—all the way back in December of last year—we announced a bold new venture, a new era, if you will, for the future of WARMACHINE and HORDES. A large part of this announcement centered on our Community Integrated Development initiative, which is intended to bring our great player community into the model development process. Earlier this week, we announced the official completion of our very first CID cycle, closing the book (as it were) on the newest HORDES Faction model testing of the Grymkin. I know everyone here who was involved in the inaugural CID cycle was very happy with the overall process. We amassed a ton of great feedback, and we hope everyone in the community is just as excited as we are to see the fruits of our collective labor come July and the official release of Grymkin.

However, while CID—and the Grymkin themselves—may have stolen the spotlight for the last five weeks, there is another, equally seminal event happening this very day.

Today marks the release of the first models that do not contain physical stat cards. As you may remember, the removal of physical stat cards from our models was a critical decision required to inaugurate Community Integrated Development because it freed us from the immutable print timelines. Thus, we are able to keep the space between CID cycles and the release of the new models from those cycles as close as possible. Having Grymkin release just three short months post-CID would have been impossible had we needed to include physical stat cards with them.

From today forward, new releases and restock models will not be packed with stat cards. Instead, you can find the most up-to-date stat cards for these models at or get them through the War Room 2 app.

Each month, we will be adding cards for new releases to download from, and by July, we will have our entire card catalog available for players to reference and download for their own use.

But wait, there’s more!

Yes, most Insiders might be done after such a declaration, but not this one. I’ve got control of this keyboard and no character limit. So, strap in because there are two more important things I want to throw your way today!

First, you might notice, having already gone and downloaded this month’s new stat cards, that stat cards for all the dragoon solos are also listed on Why, you may ask? Well, in working on creating the digital card library, we realized we needed to add base sizes to the stat cards, since this info wouldn’t be appearing in books going forward. Thus, you’ll also notice that every stat line has a new icon attached to it to denote the model’s base size.

Second, while this worked great for presenting the information quickly and easily, it posed a bit of a problem with dragoons since the current split stats didn’t really jibe with the base-size icons. As such, we’ve now split dragoons into two separate stat cards, one mounted and one dismounted. Not only did this solve the base-size weirdness, it also makes referencing the model’s stats much quicker and cleaner since there’s no need for a block of text saying what the model loses when dismounted. Each version is simply self-contained, based on its current status.

However, as these two items represent slight changes to core rules from Prime and Primal, both of those books will be updated in June alongside the next errata following the Battle Engine and Bane Theme Force CID cycle.