Insider 3/31/2010 - Chris Walton

With the release of Primal Mk II and the associated Forces of HORDES books looming on the horizon like an angry Titan, I have been busy scribbling away at my desk coming up with the visual designs for the new models that will be introduced with the latest edition of the game. Since Trollblood and Skorne players have already gotten a sneak peak at some of their new bruisers, I thought I’d throw the concept art for one of the new Circle Orboros heavy beasts, the Warpwolf Stalker.

When the initial rules concept for this guy slid past my desk, the brief called for a Warpwolf wielding a sword and an open claw. It was a challenge to try and combine the elegance and precision of a swordsman with the brutality and savagery that are associated with the Warpwolf. My first step was coming up with a suitable weapon. No cleavers or clumsy weapons for this Circle warbeast; only an elegant blade inscribed with the curving motifs of Orboros would do. Then it was time to armor him up with fighting guards and a muzzle to put the brakes on this wolf’s bite. In the end, I think I struck a good balance of what we were looking for.

I am really looking forward to this model. The Pureblood Warpwolf sculpt is one of my all-time favorites, and it has set the bar high for this kind of beast. I am really hoping this one can equal or exceed it!