Insider 3/30/2010 - Jason Soles

As we get closer to finalizing the text of the HORDES Forces books, development has been focused on refining the new models that will be introduced in coming months. Even though we have already previewed a number of new models there is plenty more hidden behind the curtain waiting to be revealed!

While Skorne players have been salivating over the Razor Worm, I would like to take this opportunity to really get their blood up. Behold the concept art for the Titan Sentry. If the Bronzeback and the Gladiator are considered the irresistible forces of the Skorne army, this thing is the immovable object. Just so there is no question about its ability to pull his own weight, this bad boy also hits like a freight train.

A lot of the new models we are hard at work on reinforce or fill out themes existing in the various armies. While I have heard some players speculating about a possible Trollblood Fennblade unit attachment, no one so far has postulated on a Thornwood wilderness theme for the Trollbloods. Trollkin melee monster hunter anyone?

We also want to create new models that make players consider old models in a whole new light. Enter the Paingiver Task Master. This not so nice skorne enhances the performance of Minion models fighting with the Skorne army, generally by prodding them with a very sharp stick.

For more details on these guys, you'll need to keep you eyes on NQ and the Privateer Press Newsletter in the coming months. For now I am off to spend my lunch hour play testing.

Until next time!