Insider 3/26/2010 - Staff XGL

Three weeks into the regular season of our staff XGL league and it has become a no-holds-barred brawl to see who can earn the most metal before the mid season tournament. Spurred on by victory over their hated rivals the Fisherbrook Finishers, the Nyshyr Nihilators crushed their way to a perfect regular season record thus far.

In game 2 the struggling Immorese Inferno managed an upset over the highly favored Dreggsmouth Demolishers headed by the carnage-thirsty David “DC” Carl. DC once again reaped a vicious amount of damage on Ed Bourelle’s team, forcing Ed to spend the majority of his winnings on repairs.

The highlight for this wrap up belongs to the Blackwater Bruisers. The team’s prize Play Maker–focused runner dubbed “Back Stabba” scored three goals in a single game, earning the first Privateer Press hat trick and crushing any momentum the Immorese Inferno managed to build up from their previous victory.

And as promised from last time, we’ll take a look at the current build of DC’s Dreggsmouth Demolishers and my own Fisherbrook Finishers. Note that completed focus actions appear red, while incomplete actions appear blue

DC chose the Strategist Crew and has upgraded Offensive Tactician twice and Cortex Specialist once. His current sponsor is Western Armory.

My Fisherbrook Finisher’s crew is also the Strategist Crew with Offensive Tactician upgraded twice. Being a big fan of weapon upgrades and power attacks, I chose Western Armory for my team’s sponsor.

Stay tuned, as next time we’ll take a look at the standings for the end of the first half of the season and see which teams will be matched up in the prelims for the mid-season tournament!