Insider 3/25/2010 - Matt Dipietro

Our work on the Forces of WARMACHINE books is drawing to a close here in the studio. As a project concludes, it’s good to look back at the work and enjoy the best parts as well as learn from those portions that were difficult and unsatisfying. With WARMACHINE Mk II, the resculpts of some the most awesome and iconic characters was easily my favorite part of the experience. The Butcher of Khardov, Lieutenant Caine, The High Reclaimer, Iron Lich Asphyxious—these were the characters that caught my eye back in 2004 and inspired me to paint WARMACHINE! Getting the chance to paint the new versions of these classic personalities was both a pleasure and an honor.

In each instance I tried to project the qualities that make these characters so inspiring to myself onto every millimeter of the figure. It was a highly enjoyable experience. I like to imagine that many of you out there experience the same feeling when you pop open your own copy of WARMACHINE and remember what it was like to paint your first warcaster. Let’s paint the new face of one these old friends and fall in love with WARMACHINE all over again.