Insider 3/22/2010 - DC

As a member of Development, I often hear about some model or another being “too good” or “not good enough,” so I find it interesting to see what really happens when players from around the country meet up for a convention and throw down with their favorite WARMACHINE and HORDES armies.

I was certainly impressed with the diversity of army choices and play styles I saw at TempleCon. Some players used the Mk II changes to focus heavily on warjack or warbeast armies, while others took a more infantry-heavy approach. But the overwhelming impression I took away from TempleCon was that Mk II WARMACHINE and HORDES alike had made strong steps forward to achieving some real diversity of play options.

Now more than ever, I feel confident in telling hobby-oriented players “play the models you think look cool” or telling story-oriented players “play the models whose stories you enjoy.” In the Mk II meta, there is no shortage of viable choices out there for players to make.

And the Theme Forces serve to bolster the myriad options that are out there. For example, once a player chooses to field Stryker as his warcaster, he now has five options: general Cygnar or a Stryker Theme Force implemented through Tiers 1, 2, 3, or 4. The same options aren't going to appeal to every player, just as the same models do not appeal to every player. Some prefer raw smashy while others prefer layered support or devious board control. Whatever your preference, there are bound to be plenty of options out there that will suit your needs.

Know that the current options are far from the end of the story. With upcoming releases like the Dire Troll Bomber, Razor Worm, and so much more just around the corner, that mountain of options is just going to increase. So until next time . . .

Enjoy Your Options,