Insider 3/19/2010 - Ron Kruzie

Here at Privateer Press there is a man named Jason Soles. Sometimes you can go to him with a great idea for a mini that you would just love to see. Often it is shot down, but every once in a while one goes through. In this case it was the Razorworm. I have always had a love for worms (strange, I know)—but not just any worms. I love the ones as big as skyscrapers that live in vast tracks of sand. The Razorworm came out even better and more fierce than I expected, and it makes me happy that the Skorne embedded some pain hooks in it to show what it takes to keep the thing in line. Thanks Jason.

With all of the accolades the razor worm has received so far, I finally feel confident that my true passion project may see the light of day. In an unprecedented burst of creative genius, studio painter, Matt DiPietro and I conceived of what we think would be an outstanding unit addition to the mercs — Dolphin Riders.

One of the coolest things about working in a creative industry is the thrill of the unexpected and how a love for monstrous worms can end up in 3D on your friends’ tabletops. It all goes to show you never know where an idea will lead. Someday, maybe even to the day of the dolphin. (JS:That will be a cold day in hell and over my dead and bloated corpse to boot!)

He's just saying that 'cause he knows it's broken...with awesome!

Til next time!