Insider 3/18/2010 - Simon Berman

March has been quite a month for me. I’m currently neck-deep in HORDES model entries, having just put to bed the last of my portions of Forces of WARMACHINE: Mercenaries. It’s a very satisfying relief to see the Merc book heading to press, since it represents the last of the initial wave of Mk II WARMACHINE books. A tremendous amount of blood, sweat, and tears have been poured into these books by everyone at Privateer, and the reaction we’ve had from our audience so far is very gratifying.

For my part, it’s been a great privilege revising and updating our older model entries while crafting the new ones like Kara Sloan and Kommander Strakhov. I think the part I am most proud of has been helping to create a consistent written voice across our model entries and chapter introductions. It’s been our goal to make all of the writing that describes our setting as immersive as possible. Hopefully, the perspectives and biases of each of our factions come across in their respective books, granting the reader an opportunity to see the Iron Kingdoms from the perspectives of the kommandants, lich lords, scrutators, and their ilk. With the Mercenaries finished, it’s time to change gears. I’ve loved writing about our steam-powered characters, but I’m definitely looking forward to journeying into the wilds of Caen with the HORDES books.

But first, Adepticon! DC and I will be flying to the Chicago area March 26-28 so that we can raise the Privateer flag at this huge wargaming convention. We’ll be bringing with us an awesome table custom-made by Rob Hawkins and hundreds of painted miniatures to play on it. I could tell you more about the battle we’ll be recreating, but we all know you guys want to see the figures, so I’ll just shut up and show you a work-in-progress shot!

See you at Adepticon!