Insider 3/17/2010 - Jason Soles

I am going to take a moment to briefly fill you in on the progress of HORDES development. However, please don’t expect a full on “State of the Union,” as the waters around my office are rising and the tides unrelenting.

The most exciting thing I have to announce is that the core HORDES rules have made it through editing and are now making their way into the layout process. Hell yeah! Since I can’t leave all of you reading this without at least one spoiler, know this: Frenzy is no longer a lingering status effect. Though you cannot activate the model again during a turn it frenzies, you can now transfer damage to it and treat it like any other model. Not only does this make dealing with frenzy easier but also one less thing to track during play.

Additionally, we have wrapped up internal playtesting of all the HORDES models through Metamorphosis! These models go into layout next week, leaving us with finalizing the scores of the new models coming out in the Forces books. I am incredibly pleased with the new additions to the game and many of my personal favorites are coming out in the Forces of HORDES: Minions book. These concepts are so well realized that I will be disappointed if the final sculpts don’t actually draw breath and stomp around the battlefield of their own accord.

This week I started writing the first drafts of the HORDES theme forces. It’s great being able to lavish attention on each faction’s sub groups as we see new themes emerging. Unfortunately for my non-existent free time, I now have plans for something like ten new armies I want to build… Epic Lylyth-Strider army, here I come!

That’s it for now. Absylonia’s Army of Soulless Draconic Death won’t write itself.