Insider 3/16/2010 - Matt Dipietro

Matt DiPietro is the name, and painting miniatures is my game. My father built military models and model train sets as a hobby, and by the time I reached the age of six, he had taught me how to handle a hobby knife and keep from gluing my fingers together. I built lots of model kits but never got around to painting any of them, and many of their wrecks likely still litter the battlefield of my old back yard to this day. It wasn’t until the age of twelve when I bought a board game that showed off painted miniatures on the back of the box that I decided to try my hand at painting. One horribly blood spattered barbarian later, I was hooked.

By the time I reached my twenties I’d painted over ten full armies and won a few awards. When I learned that Privateer Press was located in Seattle, I suddenly realized my dream of painting miniatures for a living was possible. It turned out a friend of mine already worked here editing the early issues of No Quarter, and he was able to get me a job packing miniatures in the warehouse. Over the next year I packaged a lot of minis and convinced Mike and Ali McVey to teach me about two-brush blending. When Ron Kruzie took over the studio, I became a full-time studio painter. These days I paint over 90% of the models you see coming out of the studio and create the Modeling and Painting articles for each issue of No Quarter as well as the painting sections of the Forces of WARMACHINE books. Bringing the machines and personalities of the Iron Kingdoms to life is very fun and rewarding, with lots of exciting things going on in the studio every day. Yup, I think it’s safe to say: it’s good being a pirate!