Insider 3/12/2010 - Micheal Faciane

Hi, I’m Michael Faciane, Privateer Press developer and a heckuva great guy (at least my mom says so). I have a crazy love for games, and it’s a blessing that I’m a part of this superb game company.

My first look at Privateer Press products had me in awe—beautifully sculpted minis and solid, fun rules to match. “These guys produce some amazing stuff,” I thought. I was thrilled and surprised to hear of a job opening at Privateer Press for a fresh game designer and I jumped at the opportunity.

A couple of months later at San Diego Comic-Con, Matt Wilson informed me that I was in the running for the position! Soon after, I left sunny southern California for the rainy Pacific Northwest. Now, two years later, I can say it’s been a great ride. I’ve learned so much and continue to develop my skills alongside some the gaming industry’s finest.

My duties here mainly involve game development, but sometimes I’m tapped for writing or graphic design. I’m having a great time writing blog posts for and enjoying XGL Live (my Brunder Bashers are gunning for that title!).

I’m looking forward to sharing the inside scoop on Monsterpocalypse, Grind, the line of Bodger games, and much more. Until next time, have fun!