Insider 3/11/2010 - Staff XGL by Will Shick

Well after nearly a week of destructodome mayhem, each team prepared itself for its first official XGL season game. The brutal preseason had left no steamjack unscarred, and everyone was itching to finish the first official game and get down to spending their hard earned metal.

Winning highlight of the week, DC’s Demolishers earned their name by causing an amazing 12 damage on Dave’s Korsk Krushers, including completely scraping Dave’s red runner nicknamed “Volkov.” DC’s obsessive need to demolish Dave’s team nearly cost him the game however and it was only after a brutal and heated overtime that the Dreggsmouth Demolishers were able to claim victory.

The Hell’s Hook Hostiles and Immorese Inferno proved they needed a bit more time in training camp, but each team’s coach vowed to not let the season’s disappointing start continue and hit the garage with an eye to outfit their team for victory.

My own Fisherbrook Finishers were able to achieve a solid victory in all three games, rampaging over the Immorese Inferno, crushing the Korsk Krushers, and turning the Blackwater Brusiers black and blue, leaving myself and Micheal’s Brunder Bashers at the top of the current standings with a 3-0 record.

With the civility of preseason well behind us, rivalries between the coaches and teams were emerging and the official office trash talking has begun. I personally am looking forward to my Finishers settling a long standing rivalry with Brent by wiping the floor with his Nyshyr Nihilators!

In the next update we’ll take a look at the evolution of the different teams as everyone spends their hard earned metal in the attempt to build the most unstoppable XGL team!