Insider 3/10/2010 - Rob Hawkins

My name is Rob Hawkins and I’m the hobby manager for Privateer Press. I guess you could say I do a little bit of everything around here. Mainly, I head up the development of new products for our Formula P3 brand. One of my first duties after coming aboard with the company was putting together our range of hobby tools and brushes.

I also serve as the assistant to the miniatures studio director, Ron Kruzie, helping the incoming sculpts move through the approval process and into the mold room for casting. Sometimes that’s simply a matter of having the creative director and mold room look at the model and say: “looks good.” Other times I need to rework sections of the model to facilitate the casting process or more closely match the concept art.

I don’t do any of the painting when it comes to the studio miniatures, but I am an experienced painter and have a pretty sizeable Protectorate force, as well as a fledgling Khadoran army.

As a hardened scenery guru, I coordinate with Eric Cagle on the terrain-oriented hobby projects for No Quarter Magazine. I build terrain and put together the diorama shots for the WARMACHINE and HORDES books. I’m about halfway through the photography for the Forces of WARMACHINE: Mercenaries book. I’m also working on a gaming table for an upcoming Adepticon event that will feature a 4’ x 8’ table with a Cryx-infested ruin and Khadoran trench network.
I’ll get into that a little bit more next time. For now, here are a few shots of the trenches under construction. Back to the grindstone!