Insider 3-9-2017

Add Skull Island’s Wrath of the Dragonfather to Your Print Library!

Ever since the release of Zachary C. Parker’s action-packed novella Wrath of the Dragonfather in 2016, readers have clamored for a print edition of this climactic battle between dragons to add to their Skull Island eXpeditions’ library. Thanks to the new print-on-demand service, we have a whole new way to deliver Skull Island eXpedition titles to you. Check out Wrath of the Dragonfather, our first Skull Island book available in print-on-demand!

If you’re not yet familiar with this fast-paced battle for a powerful athanc, check out this quick summary…

The nation of Cygnar has temporarily secured an invaluable dragon athanc—a stone of incredible power—from the forces of the Nightmare Empire of Cryx, but the Cryxians are not the only ones seeking the stone. While Cygnar’s armies march off to war, two of its greatest heroes, Major Victoria Haley and Constance Blaize, find themselves swept up in what could be the final chapter in a conflict between dragons older than the nations of the Iron Kingdoms themselves. As the clash between the dragon Everblight and his brethren unfolds, the only hope for the two warcasters to save the land lies in deciphering a series of prophetic messages from the athanc itself. Yet another, more sinister threat waits in the wings. Will their efforts be enough to alter the course to ruin, or will all of Cygnar burn beneath the progeny of the Dragonfather?

Author Zachary C. Parker recently shared his thoughts on writing this epic work: “As anyone who loves fantasy knows, there is something inherently captivating about dragons. They are fire-breathing monsters born out of nightmares, the bringers of smoke and ash and death. And so it is with the god-like dragons of Immoren. Blighterghast the Boiler of Seas, Scaefang the Soul Eater, Halfaug the Frost Mother, Charsaug the Mountain Shadow. I consider myself profoundly lucky to have been given the opportunity to bring these draconic legends and many others to life in the pages of Wrath of the Dragonfather.”

Best of all, Amazon’s quality and speed are exceptional—the final book is a beauty to behold (my own copy is on my desk every day for bragging rights) and fits well with the rest of your Skull Island collection. With only a little extra time for printing, you can have it in your hands in just a few days!

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