Insider 3-16-2017

March is in full swing, and along with lions, lambs, and Ides, this month also sees our 2017 Army Boxes marching on with the release of new Army Boxes for both Cygnar and Retribution of Scyrah.

Each of these Army Boxes contains a ready-to-play 50-point army, designed by the Privateer Press Development team to provide a solid foundation for new players or for veterans interested in diving into a new Faction. While the last couple of Army Box pairs have each contained a similar theme in composition, this month we present two very different takes on the art of WARMACHINE.

The Cygnar Army Box is all about bringing the enemy down with massed firepower.

-Captain Kara Sloan
-Defender x2
-Trencher Infantry
-Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadier x3
-Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper
-Captain Maxwell Finn
-Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator

At first glance, this army might seem to be all about blasting the enemy apart from afar. And, to be sure, with Field Marshal [True Sight] and the Fire Group and Guided Fire spells, plus Sloan’s feat Firing Squad, Sloan and her battlegroup can deal an impressive amount of damage from significant range while using the dug-in Trenchers to create rolling smoke clouds and protect them from enemy retaliation. However, this army also packs a serious punch alongside its big guns. Don’t overlook the offensive potential of the Defenders. With MAT 7 and P+S 17 on their Shock Hammers, they’re no shrinking violets when it comes to mixing it up in melee. When fighting other warjacks, their Hammers’ automatic cortex damage is just the icing on the cake because, for the cost of 1 focus from Sloan, they can typically wipe out an enemy heavy’s cortex, significantly neutering that warjack’s potential threat. The Trenchers also pack a decent punch on the charge, and Finn is a one-man murder machine.

There are a few options when bumping this list from 50 points up to 75. You can always add in another Defender or, if you want some character flair, Dynamo with his Multi-Fire Firestorm Cannon pairs great with Sloan’s Fire Group and Guided Fire spells. Storm Lances can provide some serious mobile offensive punch, while Sword Knights work great to help clean up enemies engaging your warjacks, thanks to their Flank [Friendly Faction Warjack] ability.

Dawnlord Vyros has been a very popular warcaster in the new editions, and this Army Box really showcases his strengths. Griffons are sturdy and strong light warjacks that utilize Vyros’ spell list well, and with Mobility, those Griffons can affect a large portion of the board. Similarly, the Phoenix benefits well from his spells, allowing it to project threat farther up the board. With Stranglehold, the Arc Node advantage on the Phoenix is a valuable special rule, giving the list a control element. Couple Mobility with Hallowed Avenger, and the Phoenix can surprise opponents not only with its melee and ranged attacks but also by spreading Vyros’ spells across the table—this not only allows it to move quickly but outside of its own activation. The Aspis adds a layer of durability to both Vyros and the Phoenix with its Shield Guard ability, stopping the most powerful ranged attacks from finding their targets. Dawnguard Sentinels add to the survivability motif of the list, coming to an impressive ARM 22 with Inviolable Resolve, Wall of Steel, and Iron Zeal. Sentinels are already a powerful offensive unit, but by adding in Vyros’ feat Perfect Execution, anything they do not destroy themselves will be finished off shortly by any warjack that now has Flank for Friendly Faction Warrior models. The Lys Healer, Eiryss, and the Mage Hunter Assassin add utility and variety to the list, opening up new angles of attack and some solid support options.

-Dawnlord Vyros
-Griffon x2
-Dawnguard Sentinels
-Dawnguard Sentinel Officer & Standard
-Arcanist Mechanik
-Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios
-Lys Healer
-Mage Hunter Assassin

When looking to expand this army, I suggest adding a solid anti-infantry choice. Mage Hunter Strike Force immediately comes to mind, as it not only pressures infantry strongly but with Pathfinder, Stealth, and the option of Advance Deployment, it can also move up the board quickly to claim or contest scenario elements. After that, nobody has ever been sad about more heavy warjacks—an additional Phoenix or a Banshee will complement the list quite well.