Insider 2-28-2017

Crossroads of Courage: Season 3 begins tomorrow! This year’s narrative league has been a rollercoaster thus far, with your reports directly influencing the fate of the league’s central protagonist (antagonist?), Holden. If you haven’t heard, the Crossroads league is culminating in a huge narrative event at Lock & Load GameFest 2017, in which Holden’s final fate (and rules) will be decided. Why does that matter? Because Holden is going to get released as a full model for WARMACHINE and HORDES sometime after Lock & Load 2017!

Before we catch up with where Holden currently is, let me remind you how to participate. First, find a local venue, such as your FLGS, that is hosting the league. Next, download and read all the core rules and the Season 3 rules found here: Third, go play games and have fun. That’s the most important step really, having that fun. Finally, each week you are encouraged to email me directly ( with your league experiences in any manner you see fit.

Want to write a short story? Go for it. Want to write a rules-heavy battle report? Go for it. Want to send me a photo of your custom Holden model? Go for it. Want to send in a video of your interpretive dance? Uhhh . . . go for it? Whatever creative way you want to describe your league experience, specifically with this season’s Holden cards, go for it. Your reports will directly affect Holden’s evolution into Season 4, and again into his final possible forms at the L&L event!

Want an example of how Holden can change based on your reports? In Season 3, both of the Holden cards have the rule Vendetta [Holden], meaning they get boosted attack and damage rolls against other Holden models. You want to know why? Because you are driving Holden crazy!

A sizeable amount of the reports from Season 1 and Season 2 involved player-written short fiction about Holden seeing himself on the other side of the battlefield, basically representing the fact that in their league games, both players were playing with that season’s version of Holden. In these fiction submissions, a lot of focus was put on Holden’s desperate and bloody battles with, well, himself. It got weird, real fast.

So now, Holden hates Holden. When he sees another version of himself, it drives him into a murderous rage, and he does whatever it takes to remove what he considers a hallucination from the fight. I hope that boy doesn’t spend too much time around mirrors.

Your chance to continue ruining Holden’s life starts tomorrow! Don’t miss out.