Insider 2-04-2011

One of the things I’ve always loved about Cryx is the unique way the faction mixes traditional fantasy undead with the steam-powered technology of the Iron Kingdoms. You have units of traditional undead-looking Bane Thralls next to techno-horrors like Mechanithralls that blend necrotic flesh with steel and steam. When Matt Wilson revealed the concept for the awesome new battle engines, I knew the Cryx version would be like something out of a mechanik’s worst nightmare.

I was certainly not alone in my excitement over finally seeing the Wraith Engine brought to tabletop life. So when I saw the crowd gathered in the studio last week, I had a good guess about what was up. Sure enough, standing (so to speak) on studio director Ron Kruzie’s desk was the WIP of the Wraith Engine.

So, without further ado, I present the WIP of the Wraith Engine, complete with Bane Thrall bodyguard!

If that image gave you chills, there is always time to warm up by a winter fire before our continued battle engine coverage next week!