Insider 2-03-2011

Sometimes work is hard. Today, for example, my boss walked up and hurled a pile of Skorne models on my desk and commanded that I assemble them. This is partially my own fault.

You see, last year Privateer made its first official visit to Adepticon, just outside Chicago. Three days of WARMACHINE and HORDES set outside the windy city was enough to lure DC and myself away from the grey skies of Seattle, but we didn’t show up empty handed. Those of you who were lucky enough to be there will certainly remember the gigantic table sitting just outside the main hall. Covered in swampy water and ruins, it provided the ground for us to refight Goreshade’s first incursion into the Khadoran heartland. With over 300 points of painted figures, we battled it out over the weekend while hundreds of people observed the epic battle.

So how is this pile of Skorne on my desk my own fault? Well, when I came back from Adepticon I told everyone here that we can’t possibly disappoint our friends in 2011 and that we’d have to do something bigger and better. So, all these Skorne on my desk are just a few of the models we’re bringing to Adepticon this year. Normally, I wouldn’t be putting figures together on the clock, but this project is so big that everyone in the front office is pitching in to make it happen. Hobby Manager Rob Hawkins is putting the finishing touches on a table upon which the forces of the Skorne Empire will clash with the noble army of the Cygnaran crown! Between this awesome project, the numerous WARMACHINE and HORDES tournaments, open play, and some other reasons I don’t want to mention just yet Adepticon 2011 is going to be an amazing show for everyone who loves to play our games!

But in the meantime, I have some Skorne to build. . .