Insider 12-8-2010

Done, done, and done! I am happy to report that my 100-point Vlad tier four Khador army is done and in on time. Overall, I am pretty happy with how the army turned out given I had only one month to paint it.

The week of Thanksgiving was a great week for painting minis. We had an extra-long weekend, and I used my magical Wendigo powers to call down a modest amount of snow that shut down Seattle for a few days. This helped me to finish up a large chunk of the project: all 13 Berserkers. While the Berserker is not a complex model to paint, each one was fairly time-consuming. It took me around an hour and a half to get the silver and bronze onto the mini and then another half an hour to ink and base it. Not too bad. However, painting 13 warjacks ate up major portions of my free time over the last few weeks.

While I am glad to be done with this project, I am also pretty happy with how it turned out. In addition, I’ve been looking through Forces of WARMACHINE: Khador to see how I can add to my new list and which caster I should paint up next. Right now, I am thinking about filling out the Iron Fang Pikemen, painting up the plastic Khador battlegroup with Sorscha, and then maybe adding some Man-O-War units. After that, maybe I’ll try working my Reznik force up to 50 points or get going on my dusty Retribution list.

Now the trick is to get playing with this beast of a Khador list. Since my current tactics amount to overwhelming my opponent with warjacks and keeping Vlad safe behind the Iron Fangs and Grey lords, I need to get this list on the table and figure out how to play with it. I’m sure Jen and Will would be down for a little Khador-inspired carnage.