Insider 12-3-2010

I start all of my painting challenges with the best of intentions. Get going fast, get things done early, add more models to the mix, make everything all neat and tidy, and leave enough time to coast to the finish line.

You know what they say about best intentions and how some place extremely torrid is paved with them. Like nearly every other painting project I’ve started, I hit the wall and got bored. And when I get bored, I stop painting or find something completely unrelated to paint.

In this case, I did both.

I started a side project at the urging of PG_Dr_Norbert that coincides with FoodMachine events. The last time I wrote, I said I’d roll a D6 to decide between painting a Wold Guardian or a full unit of Trenchers with the UA and weapon attachments. I decided I didn’t want to leave it to chance and made the bold decision to paint the Wold Guardian.

Was it silly to stop Cygnar with just 12 models left? Definitely. But it’s only 12 models! That’s the scary thing. I could paint those in a day if I could just find my gumption. I think it blew out of here with the winter storm we just had. Or it froze and died when the temperature dropped below freezing…

Anyway, after a few days, I was done with the Wold Guardian, who I dubbed Captain Stompypants, Smasher of Hunger. I’ve wanted to paint a desert-themed Circle army with reddish sandstone constructs. Originally, the scheme had glowing blue runes, but I liked the idea of using orange since it’s a color I don’t use very often. In light of how much I like how Stompypants turned out and how much I like the rules for Cassius the Oathkeeper, I’ve told Cryx to take a hike in favor of starting a Circle army.

(Hey, both factions start with the letter “C”, have powerful solos, solid units, and are rife with manipulative and intriguing characters. There’s also something I’m calling the Tharn Ravager Party Bus that I want to try out, but I digress.)

It would be easy to chalk this up to another bout of Faction Attention Disorder, but Circle was my first HORDES faction, though I didn’t stick with them. The models I’ve been painting this month actually bring me back to my WARMACHINE/HORDES roots, so I guess it’s fitting I’ve chosen to take up the
Blackclads again.

Cygnar. Best intentions. Right.

Guess what? This story has a happy ending. The Cygnar is done. D-O-N-E. Done. That makes three of us who completed this so-called impossible task. One of us didn’t make it, but I’ll let him tell his tale of woe in his own blog.

I’ll go into the gory details and include pics of the force in all its glory the next time I write. But right now, I’ve got some cats to herd and a Circle list to refine for a rematch against Aeryn “noob lure” Rudel. ☺