Insider 12-22-2010

November is now long past, and the Impossible Dream Challenge is over. The score is officially Adam 0 and Epic Kreoss Exemplar Army of Doom 1.

Despite the fact I didn’t finish my full 100 points, I am very satisfied with what I did complete. It’s like one of those feel-good sports movies when the last place team makes a huge effort but still loses the championship game. In the end, you find the journey was more important than winning. It’s all about the collection of montages, upbeat rock songs, and inspirational pep talks showcasing the triumph of the human spirit. Is anyone buying this analogy for an excuse for my failure yet?

Sure, I only finished 51 points out of 100, but that’s a lot considering how much I painted the previous month. During November’s First Friday, the force I fielded was just freshly primed. December's First Friday I was able to roll dice with a newly painted army.

The challenge was to finish a 100-point army in one month. I did my best and fell short of my goal. I didn’t really help matters by picking a troop-heavy list full of models that are fairly tricky to paint. However, instead of dwelling on my defeat, you know what I am going to do? Paint. The dream is over, but there are still models to paint and lists to play. I am not stopping anytime soon. In the end, for me, that is the success of the Impossible Dream.