Insider 12-21-2010

Dawnlord Vyros Nyarr pulled the cloak tightly over his armored shoulders. The hawk Jyren chirped disapprovingly as her perch was unsettled.
“Patience,” he told the bird. “The appointed time draws near.”

Vyros watched as the young lieutenant made his hurried approach. He knew what had alarmed the junior officer; he had expected nothing less from this particular Iosan. He was known for having a … delicate disposition and was easily upset.

The lieutenant saluted as he presented himself to Vyros.

“Dawnlord… Sir, the Dawnguard… their armor and weapons… they’re…” he stopped, unsure how to continue.

“Yes, lieutenant?” Vyros replied. “Is there a problem?”

“They’re pink, Dawnlord! The Dawnguard is pink!” the lieutenant exclaimed. “N-n-not entirely pink, but pink where there shouldn’t be pink!”
Vyros drew himself up to his full height. Jyren took flight as the heir presumptive of House Nyarr threw off his cloak, revealing pink imbued warcaster armor.

“Is there a problem, lieutenant?” Vyros asked in a booming voice. “Do you take issue with the color pink?”

Jyren issued a piercing challenge overhead. The panicked lieutenant looked at the hawk, back at Vyros, and fainted dead away. The Dawnlord’s laughter was the last thing he heard before he hit the ground.

Color choice is an important part of the hobby aspect of WARMACHINE and HORDES. For starters, it is the easiest way to personalize your army and create an identity for your force. Is that pink Cryx over there? Yup. That must be Zoroastre’s Pink Necrofactory. Candy apple red, heavily modified Cygnar? That’d be captainspud. Snazzy white and blue Protectorate? Don’t worry, it’s just PG_Gdaybloke burninating some heretics. You get the idea.
I spent the better part of a year agonizing over the color scheme for my Retribution army. The original color scheme from Gencon 2009 was black armor with yellow trim, but they looked like bees, and I didn’t have the patience to highlight black. After some commission work in 2009, I really liked the idea of painting armor plates metallic. I knew the Dawnguard armor would be Cold Steel, but what about the rest? Then it hit me. Angry Elves: also available in pink.

After stopping and starting more times than I could remember (and suffering ridicule from weekly sparring partner Dangerfish), I bit the bullet and put paint brush to pewter. The armor would get a magenta wash, which was mixed with water and floor wax to get the proper consistency. After dry brushing Cold Steel over anything that was metal, the models were heavily washed, then dry brushed back out with Cold Steel. I added details and trim, painted faces, and cleaned the models up. Anything that was a cape or tabard got painted white. Not too tough, right?

The goal was to get a 50-point Vyros Tier 2 Theme Force ready for Breast Cancer Brawl: Boise 2010. What that meant was painting the following in about 10 days: 3 full units of Dawnguard Sentinels, 3 extra Sentinel leaders, 2 Sentinel UAs, 3 Dawnguard Scyirs, full Dawnguard Invictors + UA, 2 Arcanists, Dawnlord Vyros conversion, a Hydra, Manticore, and Gorgon. That’s a total of 57 models.

The best news was that I had started on 2 units of Sentinels and 1 UA, the Invictors and UA, and the 3 Scyirs; they just needed the magenta wash and details. So, that meant 18 models from primer to finish.

What I ended up with was more than 50 points, but it was nice to have the option to put 30 Sentinels on the table! I went 1-1 in my games with the Vyros list, which isn’t bad since I haven’t been getting nearly as much table time as my opponents.

Now that I’ve got the Dawnguard portion of my army painted, I’m working the House Shyeel/Adeptis Rahn (RAHN!) segment. I’ll take some work-in-progress shots to show just how pink the armor plates are after the wash and will hopefully have painted pics in an upcoming Insider. The overall goal is to get everything for my Angry Elves painted in time for TempleCon 2011; I’m hoping to finish them by the end of the year. I’ve got a painting partner for motivation and to keep me honest.

Check out No Quarter 33 for more photos of my army – including the Vyros conversion that got auctioned off at BCB: Boise 2010!

Until then, enjoy some of the different faces of my army!