Insider 12-2-2010

Last week, Seattle experienced the coldest weather it has had in 20 years. The cold was accompanied by several inches of snow and ice, which shut down most of the city. As I watched the snow fall outside my window, my painting table also experienced a rare event: I put the last touches on 100 points of models in under three weeks. I still had some basing to do, but the hard part was done. It was a great feeling.

Of course, the battle is won but the war is far from over. I’ve put a significant dent in the amount of unpainted Retribution models I own, but there are still plenty more to do. That’s in addition to the hundreds of models I have for every other WARMACHINE and HORDES factions I own, which sit patiently in the garage waiting for the call to come and their chance at the paint table to arrive.

For me, some of the highlights of this challenge include getting to try out a new painting technique over an entire army and having a fully painted force ready to go for December’s First Friday. However, the biggest highlight has to be seeing how my crazy idea to paint 100 points in a month grew into a monster all its own among our fantastic community. The sense of camaraderie born from doing something “impossible” really showcases what this hobby is all about: people coming together and sharing their passion with one another. It’s a powerful thing, especially in an age where social interaction is becoming ever more abstract. I enjoy miniatures games because I enjoy interacting with the person across the table. I enjoy sharing hobby tips and painting techniques with people in the game store. Most importantly, I enjoy the fact that all of this happens face to face, not over a computer or TV screen.

I encourage everyone to set up his or her own “Impossible Dream” challenge. Whether you complete it or not doesn’t really matter. In the end, you will always have more stuff painted than you would have otherwise. Plus, you never know, you might just find yourself staring down victory…and a yard covered in snow!

‘Til next time!