Insider 12-17-2010

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We were converting Captain Jeremiah Kraye into a thrall. This time, I'll be showing you how to make durable, realistic-looking smoke effects on this model and on many other WARMACHINE and HORDES models.

You want to add smoke effects to your models. I know you do. So make a trip to your local hardware store and get yourself a spray can of insulating foam sealant. WARNING: This stuff needs to be used carefully! It WILL ruin clothing, carpet, and virtually anything else it touches. DO NOT let children use this unsupervised.

Spread out a couple of paper towels, depress the nozzle with your index finger, and apply a small dollop of foam sealant onto the paper towel. Don't use the big plastic nozzle that comes with the can—you'll just make more work for yourself. Make sure to clean out the nozzle on the can with a Q-tip immediately after using it so the tip doesn't get clogged up.

Drill and insert thin brass wire where you want the smoke. You can bend the wire slightly to give the smoke the appearance of “drifting” with the motion of the model.

Using a small piece of brass rod, apply the foam in small dabs, starting where you want the biggest smoke masses. Let that dry before continuing. Next, apply thin trails of the foam in between to connect the larger masses. Remember, the foam expands! It's better to apply too little than too much. Once dry, you'll find that it leaves a smooth surface on the bigger areas. I usually go back with the brass rod and “kiss” the surface with VERY small amounts of foam residue. When this dries it gives the surface some texture.

There you have it! Have fun using this technique on all your steam-powered models!