Insider 12-16-2010

Whether we’re talking about players or staffers, folks are drawn to WARMACHINE and HORDES for different reasons. Some came for the Iron Kingdoms setting, others came for the game play, and others were drawn to the hobby aspect of modeling and painting the beautiful Iron Kingdoms figures.
It probably comes as no surprise that I’m in that “game play” category since I work on development and playtesting.

Even prior to finding WARMACHINE, I was always a player first. So my blogs will never be the best source of painting advice, much less sculpting tips.

That said, my passion for the WARMACHINE and HORDES game play has driven me to collect every faction, and my slight OCD tendencies make it uncomfortable to field unpainted models. This confluence of factors has led me to become a bit of a painter, at least from the standpoint of “tabletop” quality. At small enough conventions, I’ve even picked up a painting award now and then for some of the models in which I’ve invested a bit more time.

But I have a confession to make. I am not the painter for all my models. I’ve got an occasional model or unit that I picked up already painted from friends of mine in trades or sales. My Trollblood army in particular has a number of well-represented painters that do not happen to be me.

For a while after I started here at Privateer Press, it was something I was a bit embarrassed about. After giving it some more thought, though, and after continuing to accumulate models much faster than I can paint them, I’ve decided to embrace the multi-painter-ness of my Trollbloods. After all, Trollbloods don’t have precise military uniforms like Cygnar or Khador.

In honor of my new stance on my Forces of the United Kriels, I’d like to take a moment out of this blog to send a heartfelt “Thanks!” out to Mark Thomas and Stuart Liming who can claim the quitari patterns on large swaths of models within the Forces of the United Kriels.

As I launch my new Doomshaper Theme Force army, I’ll be looking to a few folks around the office to put their own fingerprints on the United Kriels, and I’m pretty excited to see the results.

Ready to Paint Some Trolls,