Insider 12-15-2010

More often than not, I have more cool hobby ideas than I have the time to complete. I’m guessing this problem is a common one. The trick is to choose ideas that fit your skill level and time frame.

That way you won’t get discouraged if progress is slow or difficulties arise that cause things to turn out differently than you imagined. Knowing when to shelve an idea for a later date is a good skill to have, but don’t let it discourage you from trying something a bit outside of your comfort zone.

Recently, I was able to finish a conversion project I’d been working on and thought it might be inspirational to all the other rivet heads out there. The idea behind this display piece was Durgen Madhammer maniacally eyeing the grenade he’s about to lob at some poor fools.

I wanted to create a dramatically different scene without having to strain my novice sculpting abilities. In the end, all I had to do was re-sculpt the right hand to fit around the grenade and fill in a few gaps created by the change in Madhammer’s stance. The stone was scavenged from the lot behind my apartment, as was the bolt used for his base. The barbed wire was an experiment using thin wire, and it turned out better than I ever expected. As a hobbyist, nothing is sweeter than seeing an idea for a slick conversion or paint job come to fruition. So get out there and turn that inspiration into reality!