Insider 12-14-2010

In my last blog I talked about the work that went into the writing for our Mk II books, but I neglected one important fact.

In the course of all those stories there were casualties. It seems appropriate to take a moment of silence for the citizens of western Immoren who lost their lives across the various stories in the Mk II books. This list is not exhaustive. Privateer Press apologizes and offers condolences to the many individuals and upstanding members of their factions killed in various colorful ways across the Mk II narratives, including those not listed here. Many more were injured, maimed, or otherwise discomfited during these battles.

Greylords murdered in secret bunker after unexpected arrival of angry elves: 23

Retribution of Scyrah soldiers killed during Winter’s Hammer: (number withheld)

Zealots gunned down while closing on Allister Caine’s hill in the Bloodstone Marches: 93

Khadorans killed during Kara Sloan’s assault on “Karchev’s Retreat:” 187

Lich lords annihilated by time bomb detonation of allegedly undetectable soul container: 1

Khadorans killed by Cryx, animated as mechanithralls, then subsequently put down by their kinsmen prior to Khadoran assault on Point Bourne: 368

Khadorans captured alive and turned into cephalyx drudges: (number unknown)

Cygnarans killed defending northern battlements of Point Bourne from Khador: 291

Morrowan pilgrims abandoned to demonstrate the consequence of failing to convert to Menite faith: 83

Casualties in outlying Llaelese communities during unexpected Cryxian attacks: 1,358

Cryxian losses during diversionary attacks on Llael: Irrelevant

Dhunian ogrun murdered by lich lords en route to desecrating ancient burial site: 32

Steelhead Mercenary Company casualties while in the employ of Drake MacBain: 82

Kayazy assassins killed by Cygnarans while in the employ of Drake MacBain: 9

Rhulfolk killed by Drake MacBain’s force while in the employ of Cygnar: 22

Cygnarans killed during mercenary attack on supply fortress south of Bainsmarket: 97

Trollkin kriel villagers fed into spawning vessels in the Wyrmwall Mountains: 43

Legion of Everblight casualties during Grissel Bloodsong’s retaliation strike: ~37 (unconfirmed)

Skorne annihilated by passing dragon at Castle of the Keys facility: 279

Skorne later succumbing to blight related illnesses: 172

Blackclad druids killed during defense of Mordikaar at Castle of the Keys: 2

Farrow killed helping Dr. Arkadius capture Bethayne and Belphagor: 8

Cryxian losses to Legion of Everblight and farrow in clash east of the Black River: Irrelevant

Diseased titans sent in rampaging, suicidal, paingiver-augmented stampede at Gunnbjorn: 27

Wolves of Orboros set on fire or otherwise killed by the Protectorate of Menoth: 156

Miscellaneous Protectorate soldiers lost in massive desert sinkhole during fluke storm: 520

Riverboat passengers and crew devoured by gatormen and miscellaneous reptiles: 438

Miscellaneous farrow and gatorman deaths in the Marchfells: ~100 (tallying casualties made difficult by subsequent mingling of hacked-apart bits)