Insider 12-13-2016

Retribution players are going to love their Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah Command book! This is the volume that I am anticipating the most eagerly in the Command book series for many reasons, one of which I am discussing in this Insider. I’ll continue to add more details as we move into 2017 and get closer to the eventual release of this book.

The first Retribution sculpt that I am going to share is one I started working on at WARMACHINE Weekend in St. Louis last month: the Fane Knight Guardian. Not only were we finally getting a second Fane Knight, but the model was also going to look incredibly cool. I was very excited to see the art come across, because studio concept artist Nate Feyma really has a good feel for Retribution models, and I enjoy working from his vision for these new models and bringing them to the tabletop.

The first sweet details I noticed on the concept were the impressive polearm and the classic Fane Knight shield. I also appreciated that we stayed with the “fins” on the head (and on the shoulders now!). The pose was simple and elegant, which I thought would translate to a great-looking model on the table.

On the battlefield the Fane Knight Guardian shows total devotion to the ’caster he is protecting, often with a guard dog mentality! I can definitely see this guy becoming a great option for several Retribution warcasters, and I am already looking forward to adding him to a few of my lists.

At WARMACHINE Weekend, I did not get very far into making the Guardian (he didn’t even have shoes on!), so I am including some nice renders of him. (Note that there’s always a chance of a few tweaks by the studio engineers and our production team.)

Let me know what you think, and for everyone who participated in my impromptu Facebook poll on which model to do an Insider on . . . I said if it was a tie between the Fane Knight Guardian and Hemera I would do both, so I will start my second Insider very soon!