Insider 12-1-2010

With only a few days left in the Impossible Dream challenge, we are officially entering the final stretch.

For me, it is a time when the monster called “compromise” rears its ugly head.

This week, I do not have any images to show. I don’t even have a fancy graph to show you my progression. You will just have to trust my word when I say I am completely hosed. This week, I finished base-coating every model, and I am now starting to wash. During this time, I am asking myself one
question: What is finished? I could be fussing over these models for another month and still not be done. I need to figure out when to put the brush down.

After some thought, I have finalized my game plan. I am going to wash, highlight, detail, and then base the models. With a time crunch, I thought I would need to compromise and skip a step or two. However, in the end, my pride won’t let me do that. I am not going to settle for less than my best, and since my
painting skills aren’t the best, a win for me is to finish the whole list completely.

Now, if you would excuse me. I have some painting to do.