Insider 12-06-2017

It’s preview time for Active Duty Roster (ADR)!

That’s right, folks: in just a few weeks, ADR will rotate to season seven, which runs from January 2018 until early July 2018.

If you aren’t familiar with ADR, it’s a mechanic used in both Masters and Champions tournaments, the official qualifying formats for the WARMACHINE & HORDES Iron Gauntlet World Championship. Whereas Masters events offer a bonus to players who only use casters found on the current ADR, Champions requires they do. Each format offers a unique way to play at the highest competitive level, and the ADR rotation always shakes things up in interesting ways.

You can read all the full rules about Masters and Champions events here,, and if you’re looking for the current list of upcoming Iron Gauntlet qualifiers, as well as the player rankings, those are found at

Enjoy this preview of the season seven ADR, which officially rotates on January 1, 2018.