Insider 11/5/2010

Something Khador…

This is actually pretty good timing. For the last few months, I was swinging around the idea of doing a Vlad Theme Force. Of course that was just going to be a smaller 30-point list, but when I was roped into the month-long painting challenge, I figured this was the time to start up on a 100-point Vlad the Dark Prince army.

Initially, I wanted to take a few Berserkers for a tier one list. However, since we are now doing a 100-points, I knew I would be taking a lot of Berserkers. In a 100-point Vlad list, I could take as many as 21 berserkers, but that is a little overboard, even for me. So I decided to go with a tier 4 army and fill out some points in the army with viable troop options. It’s still pretty minimized; take a look.

100-Point Challenge = 105

Vlad 5 5
Drago 8 13
Iron Fangs (6) 5 18
Iron Fangs (6) 5 23
GreyLords Ternion 4 27
GreyLords Ternion 4 31
Koldun Lord 2 33
Koldun Lord 2 35
Koldun Lord 2 37
Greatbears 5 42
Guard Dog 1 43
12 Berserkers 60 103
Mechaniks (4) 2 105

Overall, I am pretty happy with this selection, as I feel it matches the Theme Force essence well. Plus, I get my 13-warjack army!! I’m really excited to see people look at the imposing doom of 13 large warjacks bearing down on them. And if zombies ever attack, I can throw them in a pillowcase and use them as a potent bludgeoning tool.

I am in the wonderful position of working at Privateer, so I love to go a little overboard with my projects. Instead of taking 12 standard Berserkers, I’ve decided to use the Drago model for all my Berserkers, as it is my favorite-looking Khador warjack by far. I’m going ahead and moving some of the arms around to add some variation as well as giving them all plastic Khador warjack heads. That way, I can maintain which Drago is the real Drago.

Strategically, I don’t really have much of a plan. I don’t build plans based around maximizing the rules of said army. Instead I focus on the overall visual impact and theme of the army. I also tend to build symmetrical armies with matching units.

So I’m a few days in; everything is primed and I have started the painting part. What I’m now worried about is getting through all 13 warjacks—that is going to be a trial in patience and determination.