Insider 11/4/2010

Week one of the Impossible Dream is underway, and I have to say it is going swimmingly! While I still don’t have everything assembled, I have an entire unit of Dawnguard Sentinels done, another awaiting finishing touches, and two Phoenixes and Discordia primed and waiting to be “blued.” Arcane Blued to be precise!

“So,” you say, “Arcane Blue style Retribution. Could be cool.” Indeed, I do agree. It could be cool if I was actually painting them blue.

“Wait, what do you mean?” you ask, “Why waste time painting a color over the entire model when that’s not the primary color scheme?”

Well, it is an integral part of the finished product. If the process is done correctly, the Arcane Blue base coat largely disappears in the finished product. Let me show you what I mean.

That’s right, a quick and relatively simple way to achieve a nice bronze patina starts with an Arcane Blue basecoat. From there, it’s a simple matter of drybrushing on Molten Bronze, washing with a thin glaze of brown ink, and drybrushing the extreme highlights with a mix of Molten Bronze and Quick Silver. All of the armor will receive the same treatment, and by starting with Dawnguard who are ninety-five percent armor, I get to start this challenge off on a high note!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper hobby project if I weren’t doing some sort of character-ful conversion work for at least one unit in the army. And if you can’t tell, I really like Dawnguard. Unfortunately, there is one unit that is missing from my smorgasbord of angry elves. Lucky for me I do so ever love a challenge. So it is with great relish I present to you my personal take on the mighty Dawnguard Destors!

I’ll probably talk more in the future about how these all came together, but let me tell you, even around Privateer Press you get some funny looks when you have five Fane Knight dragoon boxes on your desk! I plan on finishing the last two models for the unit this week during my lunches. That gives me just enough time to put them into the painting queue following the warjacks.

Til’ next time!