Insider 11/3/2010 Part II

It’s finally time to put paint to pewter and get this party started. While my colleagues were still assembling models, I spent almost an entire week waiting to start painting my Cygnar.

I’ll be the first to admit that the army I’ve chosen to build isn’t as insane or ambitious as say, Adam’s Epic Kreoss Knights Exemplar Marching Band. I don’t have 110 Knights Exemplar shoulder pads or the 55 KE who wear them. It doesn’t look as impressive as Kris “3-Step Plan” Aubin’s bevy of Berserkers. And we’re not even going to discuss the insanity seeping from the mind of Will “It’s Your Fault for Following Me Into This” Shick. “Hey, I want this in my army. I’m gonna build it!” You have fun with that, Will…all 5 of them.

What I do have is a Cygnar force that’s been in the back of my mind since January with 6 heavy warjacks and 2 light ’jacks. There are 2 character models, 4 solos, 28 trooper models, 3 weapon attachments, and a bonus warcaster for a total of 46 models.
As if the Impossible Dream challenge wasn’t challenging enough, I’ve decided to give myself a challenge within the challenge. We’ve got a staff-related event scheduled for the end of the week, and I’ve decided to have 35 points of Cygnar painted up for it.

Army Name: Mini Siege
Tier 1: The Big Guns
35+5 points, 15 models
Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane +5 points
* Defender 9 points
* Triumph 11 points
Journeyman Warcaster 3 points
* Grenadier 5 points
Captain Maxwell Finn 3 points
6 Trencher Commandos 5 points
* 2 Trencher Commando Scattergunners 2 points
Trencher Master Gunner 1 point

I briefly considered an Epic Nemo Theme Force, even an Amon Theme Force, but was sagely advised to “stay on target” by one of my PGs. Kill two Bane Thralls with one blast. Got it.

So, after watching the San Francisco Giants win the World Series on Monday, it was time to get things rolling. The ’jacks got their metals painted. Commandos, Scattergunners and Master Gunner got base coats. Finn isn’t just another model with primer on him. The soft goal was to get basecoats on everyone, but that didn’t happen. Siege, Junior, and 2 Commandos still need some love, but they’ll go quickly.

With any luck, I’ll have pics of the 35-point army posted at the end of the week in the Impossible Dream Challenge thread.

Until then, here’s what the entire army looks like covered in black primer!